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Poorly trained staff represent a significant threat to your business.


Not only are they a liability, but they can have a negative impact on your organization's success. The authority entrusted to security guards requires a thorough understanding of roles and responsibilities. More importantly, the potential risk exposure to employer's demands qualified training.


From significant fines to licence suspension, increased insurance rates and/or cancellation to civil litigation and even licence revocation. Non-compliance with the Private Security and Investigative Services Act (PSISA) and/or the unlawful actions of improperly trained employees can have devastating consequences. Managing risk ensures that when your employees are on-site, they know their responsibilities, power and authority. This starts with the right training.


The Real Cost of Training


The cost of establishing and maintaining a full-time training department is unrealistic and simply not cost-effective for the majority of security companies. Dedicating one individual to oversee training standards, education and currency amendments and updates is complicated and time-consuming. When it comes to training, the costs associated with full-time instructional staff is, most often, prohibitive. The solution is a qualified and experienced training partner.


A Cost-Effective Solution


Canadian Security Training is committed to helping you reduce your risk exposure through the establishment of professional training practices. This starts with the implementation of professional training and educational standards, and strict adherence to best practices. At Canadian Security Training we do not provide contract security services. Our focus is strictly training. Therefore, for our training partners, we do not represent any conflict of interest. 


Canadian Security Training offers an organized and centralized format of professional instruction you can rely on. Not only are you guaranteed that new employees receive professional instruction in all mandatory areas of security training and education, but you can be confident that your staff training is up-to-date. In addition to the Basic Security Guard training program, Canadian Security Training offers annual re-currency training in security operations, First Aid and CPR, as well as specialized training including, use of force, handcuffing, baton utilization and Smart Serve.


The Advantages of Classroom Instruction


The in-class model of training delivery serves to provide students with several advantages. From professional lesson plans taught by experienced, knowledgeable instructors to effective instructor-to-student ratios and the opportunity for one-on-one assistance. Students learn better and retain information when they are academically engaged and able to interact with qualified instructors. With limited class sizes, students receive dedicated instruction, including access to one-on-one assistance and support.


What makes our training programs so unique is that our courses are structured to allow students the flexibility to start any time. Whether completing the course on a full-time or part-time basis, students have the opportunity to attend courses during the week, on weekends and evenings. Best of all, our programs are flexible to allow for on-site training at your facility or off-site at one of our convenient training locations.


Instructional Staff


All courses will be taught by experienced instructors who are either former or currently serving police officers and/or emergency personnel, including fire fighters, paramedics and dispatchers. In addition, Canadian Security Training seeks qualified instructors who have experience in education and training, as well as certification in specialized courses, such as communications and security operations.


Due to the nature of the academic content, no instructor will be permitted to provide any instruction unless they meet the Company's strict, minimum hiring requirements. All First Aid and CPR courses will be taught by instructors certified by a recognized emergency medical aid organization, including Red Cross and St John's Ambulance. All instructors must hold valid certification and/or valid currency in their respective area of specialization.


As part of our commitment to the on-going development of professional education and training practices, all instructors are required to attend routine instructor meetings and in-house training seminars. Canadian Security Training is committed to "Setting The Standard" for professional security training and this begins with ensuring that those providing the training are not only qualified and experienced, but exemplify the highest standards of professionalism and training excellence.




With everything under one roof, clients are assured of only the highest standards of professionalism and academic excellence. Not only do we focus on the fundamental principles of security operations, but we instill in all of our students the importance and value of customer service and professionalism. Our Team of professional instructors provides you with the benefits of having your very own Training Division without the costly overhead and logistical challenges, including:


  • Basic and Advanced Instruction

  • Annual Re-Currency and Re-Certification Courses

  • Full Academic Tracking and Reporting

  • Customized Lesson Plans

  • One-Day Information Seminars

  • On-Site and Off-Site Training Options

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